Hall of Fame

Hinduja College of Nursing students are inspired and challenged by the College's motto,
"Committed to Quality Education to ensure Quality Health Care for all."

Our graduates exemplify these words and leave the Heights prepared to make their mark in the world.
Let's see what some of our talented and accomplished alumni who are leaders in their respective fields has to say.

Name : Immaculate Picardo
Batch : 2012- 2014 MSc Nursing Batch
Designation : Quality Management Officer
Hospital : Al Salam International Hospital Kuwait.

Key Projects/Achievements :

Collaboration with Canada Accreditation. Being an active member during accreditation to earn PLATINUM level for the organization (a level higher than Gold).

Unique thing about Hinduja College:

Inspiring heights and Unceasing Creativity is the unique Quality of Hinduja College of Nursing.


"Self-belief is the keyword here! My Alma mater, Hinduja College of Nursing has not only molded my professional career but also has enhanced me to be an aspiring human being.

I am bestowed with a designation of a Quality Management Officer and working in one of the most esteemed Hospital Al Salam International Hospital Kuwait. Working here takes me down memory lane full of experiences when I was pursuing my Master's in Community Health Nursing.

Hinduja College of Nursing has always enriched my concepts on innovative ideas, leadership skills, integrating knowledge with practice, new learning methodologies, being accountable for every tasks completion within the deadline, risk-taking, advocating patient safety and last but not the least an inculcation of positive and vibrant attitude towards acceptance of challenges, thereby helping me to construct a foundation for my future endeavors.

As I tread challenging waters, with critical expectations regarding patient, occupational and environment safety from all sides of the hierarchical structure in the corporate world, I take relief from the thought that the prompt education I received from Hinduja College of Nursing will always be my guide."

Name : Ms Dinny Melvin
Batch : 2011- 2013 MSc Batch
Designation : Nurse Educator and patient educator
Institute : Asian heart institute and research centre

Awards /achievements/key projects :

  • Initiated formal patient family education program in Asian heart hospital
  • Resource person in many conferences
  • Conducted various campus recruitments

Biggest achievement :

  • Initiated Newly designed integrated induction plan for new recruits, changed a 12 hour shift duty to 8 hrs for staff nurses.
  • JCI audit coordinator

Unique thing about Hinduja College:

The thing I admire the most about Hinduja College is the support I received from the faculty. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment. The exposure that I gained has helped me grow as an independent administrator.


"Hinduja College has helped me enhance my knowledge, maximize my leadership potential. "Overall since beginning the journey to obtain my Masters I have had so many new educational experiences that I feel has made me a much better healthcare provider, patient advocate, and educator."

I'm very thankful and proud to be a part of Hinduja College of nursing. Special thanks for the excellent preparation I received through the Masters program at Hinduja College. Post MSc I started my career as an ICU Incharge, and immediately got promoted as a nurse educator. I owe my success to my Principal Prof. Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla and my MSc faculty. The unique feature about them is thinking differently, and bringing about a change. I am extremely thankful for the support from the faculty, and the way the program was designed which allowed me to succeed.

Name : Clemitha Dsouza
Batch : 2012- 2014 MSc Batch
Designation : Worked as Infection Control Nurse thereafter and Nurse Manager in a private firm

Testimonial :

The unique things I would like to mention about P.D. Hinduja College of Nursing is that

1. Personal Attention: Every student is given personal attention. Efforts are made towards seeing the student as they are and a personal relationship with the teachers to encourage you in your progresss.

2. Professional environment: There is a professional environment in the college and the postings that you find yourself motivated to be a professional, to study, to learn new things. I remember my teachers saying don't just be a mediocre but give the best of yourself.

3. Mark of excellence: Because of the mark of excellence Hinduja Hospital and college holds it follows with you in all fronts, in your professional career and also in your working style.

I am most thankful to my teachers and friends at College who contributed carefully in my growth.

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