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Instruction: To be filled by the student at the completion of the four year course.
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Purpose of feedback: The feedback will help the institute to recognize the existing nature of delivery of the course and enhance the output.

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1 ACADEMIC PROGRAM            
1.1 Has up to date unit content
1.2 Is comprehensive incorporating theory into practice
1.3 Academic program is well planned and organized was as per course objectives
1.4 Curriculum is well informed to students
1.5 Curriculum is of high standards and recognized by INC/MNC
1.6 Course prepares the student to be a confident Nurse / Educator/ Head Nurse
1.7 Provides motivation and curiosity to learn
1.8 Completes syllabus on time
1.9 Course is highly applicable and relevant to real life situations
2.1 Revises & updates Curriculum timely for institutional delivery
2.2 Curriculum incorporates recent Educational technology
3.1 Teacher Related
3.1.1 Teachers are well qualified and hold the appropriate credentials
3.1.2 Teachers have relevant professional knowledge, experience and skills
3.1.3 Teachers are well organized, prepared & effective in planning education
3.1.4 Teachers are enthusiastic , motivated & skillful in classroom management
3.1.5 Teachers incorporate student centered, discovery oriented learning strategies
3.1.6 Teachers are able to interact effectively with the diversity of students enrolled
3.2 Student Related
3.2.1 Offers conducive learning atmosphere
3.2.2 Plans flexible learning experiences and as per interest of students
3.2.3 Engages students actively in the class
3.3 Learning Related
3.3.1 Offers Teacher student ratio as per INC requirements
3.3.2 Maintains Healthy Student - teacher relationship
3.3.3 Provides adequate and appropriate supervision at the clinical setting
3.3.4 Arranges additional lectures by the external experts as per the need
3.3.5 Provides additional external laboratory Learning resources
3.3.6 Provides best clinical and classroom learning experiences by affiliation to reputed institutes
3.3.7 Conducts Orientation program every year of the course
3.3.8 Provides opportunities to makeup missed classes and clinicals
3.3.9 Provides adequate equipments and learning facilities in good working condition
3.3.10 Adequate AV aids are available for making the learning effective
4 EVALUATION            
4.1 Informs Students on the schemes of examination and internal assessment
4.2 Plans Assignments and informs well in advance to students
4.3 Plans evaluations periodically as per university norms
4.4 Informs about Examination schedules and displays it on student notice board
4.5 Teachers maintain the principle of fairness and justice during evaluation
4.6 Prompt feedback is given on the performance
4.7 Informs parents about performance and organizes parent teaching meetings
5.1 Provides adequate opportunities for leadership development
5.2 Encourages for Inter collegiate collaborations
5.3 Provides Avenues to participate into various competitions
5.4 Provides Opportunities for outbound leadership through educational visit
5.5 Provides Opportunities to participate in conferences and workshops
5.6 Avenues for public speaking are encouraged
5.7 Opportunities for entertainment through sports/ games and picnic is done
5.8 Celebrates Various Cultural days through active body of SNA for all-round development
6.1 Active and ongoing mentorship of the students by teacher is done
6.2 Academic Guidance and counseling is provided when needed
6.3 Provide Advices about financial assistance / scholarship for the needy students
6.4 Professional guidance and counseling is done when needed
6.5 Avenues for various university schemes and college schemes for the academic toppers and financially backward students is done
6.6 Provides credits and rewards to the Best achievers
7.1 Enrollment of students into various professional bodies like TNAI / Alumni /CCNS and other professional bodies is done
7.2 Enrollment for active association of Alumni is made possible
8.1 Provides Conducive atmosphere for conduction of research by students
8.2 Provides ongoing expert guidance and motivation for students
9.1 Incorporates Short term programs in the curriculum for personality development
10.1 Presence of Active grievance committee for grievance redressal
10.2 Active participation of students is done through student council
10.3 Active anti ragging squad is present to nurture the students
11 LIBRARY RESOURCES            
11.1 Library is furnished with adequate books and journals
11.2 Latest technology is available for retrieving the literature
11.3 Adequate staffing is present for guidance
11.4 Issues Adequate books for reference
11.5 Availability of adequate computer facilities for students
11.6 Rules and regulations are smooth and conducive
11.7 Provides Atmosphere which is conducive for learning
12 NETWORKING            
12.1 Student networking is done through Graduation, Alumni and Lamp lighting program
12.2 Presence of transparent, administrative rules, regulations and functioning
12.3 Selection and admission procedure is fair , just and convenient
12.4 Provides Avenues for employment (100% placement)

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before Your feedback helps us continue to provide exceptional service and ensures ongoing improvement. You're requested to give us your valuable feedback

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