Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee

  • Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla - Chairperson
  • Ms. Sinta Mathew - Secretary
  • Ms. Jessy Varghese - Member
  • Ms. Reena Dsouza - Member

MOTTO: To create "Punishment free campus" with constructive reforms.


  • To maintain discipline in the campus, classrooms as well as in the hospitals wherever the students are posted.
  • To create an attitude of responsible citizenship among the students
  • To create safe, motivating and accepting college environment by supporting the use of positive attitudes and practices.
  • To uptake measures for inappropriate behaviour exhibited by students.


  • Formulation and implementation of discipline policy.
  • Monitoring & supervision
  • Surprise rounds
  • Enforcement of discipline through action such as pledge drive.
  • Organisation of sessions related to Behavioral reforms for students & faculty on Challenges of Generation Y.


1. Annual Pledge taking Inauguration Assembly September
2. Session on Cyber Security October
3. Discipline Campaign November
4. Value of Month” Self Discipline Celebration December
5. Rewards & Recognition Perfect Attendance Award March
6. Sensitization session on Challenges of Generation Y April

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