Grievance Redressal

Grievance Redressal Cell is intended to find solutions to problems like ragging, any kind of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding classroom teaching, management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc. The aim of Grievance Redressal Committee shall be to work toward reconciliation of intramural disputes, to guarantee due processes for settlement of otherwise irreconcilable grievances, to help ensure institutional integrity & to guard academic freedom & welfare of students & faculty.

Grievance Redressal Procedure

Faculty or students having cause for complaint shall follow established procedures within the complainant`s own department before filing a grievance with Grievance Redressal Cell. The objective shall be to resolve matter before initiating formal grievance procedures.

A faculty/student with a complaint shall first discuss grievance with an immediate supervisor/HOD respectively. A complainant who is not satisfied with outcome of this procedure may initiate formal grievance redressal procedure by registering a written complaint with Principal, college of nursing.

Grievance Redressal Committee


  • Prof. Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla, Principal - Principal, College of Nursing

Management Representative

  • Mr. Rajesh Rao - Secretary, Board of Management

Faculty Representative

  • Prof Wilma Valsalan - Vice Principal, HOD Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Prof Jacinta Lobo - HOD,Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing

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