Curriculum Committee

The aim of Curriculum Committee shall be to approve new & revised curriculum & academic policies to ensure compliance with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences & Indian Nursing Council. In addition, curriculum committee also provides guidance & oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive & responsive to evolving needs of our students & their academic & overall development.

Major Initiatives

Development of short term courses in following areas
Year SN. Name of the Course Remark
2013-14 I. Structured Orientation Program Part of Institutional Curriculum
II. Professional Enculturation Part of Institutional Curriculum
2014-15 III. Fellowship Course in Nephrology Nursing           Developed Submitted to MUHS for approval
IV. Fellowship Course in Oncology Nursing
V. Fellowship Course in Family Nurse Practice
VI. Certificate Course in Endoscopy & Imaging Nursing
VII. Certificate Course in Nursing Education Technology
VIII. Fellowship in Neonatal Nursing
IX. Certificate Course in Pediatric Care Nursing
2015-16 X. Voyage Program: Bench to Bedside Part of Institutional Curriculum
XI. Environmental Studies Part of Institutional Curriculum
2016-17 XII. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Course Received permission from Indian Nursing Council (INC)
XIII. Smart Study Program Part of Institutional Curriculum
XIV. Child Abuse Module Part of Institutional Curriculum
XV. First Aid Module Part of Institutional Curriculum
XVI. Value Based Course: Ancient Scripture Program Part of Institutional Curriculum
VII. Education Exchange Program: HIV/TB update at Bel Air College of Nursing, Panchgani Part of Institutional Curriculum
VIII. Fellowship Course in Lactation Nurse Practitioner Accepted by MUHS & Commenced at college in Affiliation with MUHS.
2018-19   XIX. Certificate course in Wound Care Nursing Accepted by MUHS & Critical Care Nurses Society (CCNS), & Commenced at college in Affiliation with CCNS.
Action taken report
Audit of Curricular ASPECTS at college

Curriculum Committee


  • Prof. Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla, Principal - Principal, College of Nursing


  • Asso.Prof.Ms. Siman Xavier - HOD, Community Health Nursing

Faculty Member

  • Ms. Sinta Mathew
  • Ms. Pooja Nair
  • Ms. Seema Samudre
  • Ms. Dakshata Nijai

Student Representative

  • Ms. Ms. Mahati Sable (PG)
  • Ms. Nikita Parab (UG)

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