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Dear Parents, P. D. Hinduja College of Nursing since its inception, has tried to pursue excellence in every aspect it touches whether academics, infrastructural or environmental. Your feedback helps us continue to provide exceptional service & ensures ongoing improvement. You're requested to give us your valuable feedback.

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1 The academic standard of the College
2 The Teaching-Learning Environment
3 System of Monitoring Student's Progress
4 The Teacher-Student relationship
5 Counseling, mentorship provided to students
6 The co-curricular activities in the College
7 Discipline maintained in the college
8 Examination system adopted by the college
9 Overall infrastructural facilities of the College namely library, hostel, classroom, labs etc.
10 Learning Resources such as Library, Internet, Computer etc.
11 Clarifications/ responses from the school authorities whenever demanded
12 Programme given at present. / Efforts taken by department for overall grooming and personality development
13 Health facilities for the students
14 Institutional Sensitivity to changing educational, social & market demands (Courses, Personality Development Programmes, Career Oriented Programmes etc.)
15 Response to Community Needs, Extension Programmes
16 The role of the college in equipping your daughter to become self reliant
17 Competence & Commitment of Faculty
18 Discipline Practices
19 Response & Communication with the College
20 Involvements of parents in students academics

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